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Become a vital part of the growth and development of The Ukrainian Community of Western Pennsylvania by becoming a member of this organization.
Any person who is interested in the promotion of Ukrainian culture in Western Pennsylvania is eligible for membership.
Contributing just $25 gives you an annual membership; contributing $5,000 gives you a life-long membership
Contributions may be made to The Ukrainian Community of Western Pennsylvania (UCOWPA) without the contributor becoming a member of the Corporation insofar as the contributor does not request membership status. 
UCOWPA is approved as a charitable 501(c) (3) organization by the US Internal Revenue Service.
Your gift is tax deductible to the full extent provided by law. 
Membership contributions can be made online via Paypal:
Annual Membership - $25

Life-Long Membership - $5,000


File your membership application online.

Guidelines for Application Procedures

  • You can choose the way you want to volunteer
  • Variety of leadership opportunities within the organization, including hands-on and administrative roles
  • Volunteer opportunities with outside organizations
  • Lasting friendships with fellow members
  • Contact with wide variety of outside
Leadership Development
  • Opportunities to serve on the Board of Directors
  • Develop core skills by serving on UCOWPA committees that will transfer to professional and personal life

Application can also be downloaded from this page, or requested via e-mail. Application can be submitted at any time and must be completed in its entirety, signed, and dated prior to consideration.

Membership Application should be filed online, e-mailed to or mailed to:  

The Ukrainian Community of Western Pennsylvania (UCOWPA)
Attn.: Membership Officer
P. O. Box 13465
Pittsburgh, PA 15243-3465
Once a Membership Application is received and approved, it will be acknowledged by e-mail if provided.
For more information about joining, please contact Membership Officer via


Guidelines for Application Procedures - UCOWPA REV 7-18-2010.pdf27.24 KB
Membership Application - UCOWPA REV 7-18-2010.pdf46.39 KB