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Dr. Hanna Chumachenko Lassowsky

Dr. Hanna Chumachenko Lassowsky, President - provides general leadership and supervision over the affairs of the Board and all committees, implementing its purposes. 
Dr. Hanna Chumachenko Lassowsky is a Professor at Kherson National Technical University, Ukraine. She holds a Doctor of Sciences (PhD) degree in theory and history of literature from the Moscow Institute of World Literature (1992).
In 1994 she was appointed director of the Department of History and Culture of Southern Ukraine of the Rylsky Institute for Arts, Folklore and Ethnology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and became a project director for the Ukrainian Ministry of Education research team that studied regional manifestations of Ukrainian culture.
As a Fulbright Scholar in 1998-99, she researched the Ukrainian diaspora in the United States. As a Visiting Lecturer, she taught at the University of Virginia in 1995-96 and at the Ohio State University in 1999.
Dr. Chumachenko is an author of monographs and articles on Eastern Slavic Drama, and Ukrainian literature and culture. In the last ten years, her contributions on Ukrainian culture and urban culture appeared in Macmillan’s Countries and Their Cultures (Vol.4) and Grolier’s Encyclopedia of Urban Cultures (Vol. 2 & 3). Her articles were published in the scholarly journals Germano-Slavica, Suchasnist’, Ukrainian Quarterly and in the Collected Works Svity Tarasa Shevchenka.